Date of birth: July 13th, 1956

Marc spends part of his youth in the maritime alps, then lives in Brussels, Paris and again in Brussels, and finally finds a permanent home in the Belgian Ardennes.

His morning walks take him past meadows to the nearby forests and forests where deer, wild boar, foxes and squirrels are at the service.
Ponds and streams house fish, frogs and water lilies.

Here he finds inspiration for his sculptures, watercolors and drawings.

No, you don't come across bears here, you have to go to the Pyrenees for that, nevertheless they constantly pop up in his work. Sometimes in pencil drawings,
but more often in the bronze sculptures, one time a rough, expressive interpretation, often accurately detailed.

Just like the colony of bronze mice that enjoy the stamps of an absent collector.

Sometimes everyday animals steal the show: in a watercolor, three chickens brave a Belgian gust of wind, a donkey squats against a pear tree in a pencil drawing, trout hide under floating leaves, a cow shakes its head bored to chase away a fly ...


• d'Haudrecy Art Gallery - Knokke
• Galerie Framing - Brussels
• Galerie Tempera - Beaune
• Linéart - Ghent
• Eurantica - Brussels
• Antica - Namur

Marc studied woodcarving and cabinet making in St. Luc at Tournai Belgique